Attract Wealth Now

Connecting with the Essence of Wealth

What does true wealth feel like?  As you focus on attracting wealth into your life, you will find it helpful to spend time each day attuning your awareness to the very essence of wealth. 

The essence of wealth would be the way it feels when you think about it.  What does it feel like to have more than enough money?  What does it feel like to have a bank account filled to the brim?  What does it feel like to live in your dream home?  What does true financial freedom feel like?

When you can tune into these feelings on a regular basis, you will be attuning your own vibrational frequency to wealth, and begin attracting more of it into your life.

But what if you have trouble tuning into wealth?  What if you've never been wealthy and don't know what it feels like?

Try the following exercise:

Decide on a sum of money that would make you feel wealthy if you had it right now.  Perhaps a million dollars, or maybe even a smaller sum like $5,000 would make you feel wealthy.

Focus on this sum of money for a few moments and imagine that it was sitting in your bank account right now.  How would that change the way you feel about your life?  Would you feel more relaxed because you could easily cover all of your monthly expenses?  Would you feel more secure because you could handle any emergencies that came up in the near future?

Focus on these feelings of security, peacefulness, well-being, and freedom.  Immerse yourself in these feelings and enjoy them! 

It doesn't matter if you don't really have the money in the bank, because you will be emitting a vibrational frequency to the universe that says "I feel wealthy - I love feeling wealthy - please send me more situations that make me feel this good."  And the universe WILL.

However, be sure to tune into wealth in this way as often as possible; once a day at a minimum but you can also do this exercise dozens of times each day and speed up the arrival of your wealth.

The wealthier you can feel on a regular basis, the more wealth you will attract!


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When you imagine great wealth in your life right now, you immediately begin vibrating as if you already have great wealth, and then great wealth begins forming in your life. The problem is that most people don't hold this vibrational frequency long enough to allow their wealth to manifest physically. To overcome this, get into the habit of flowing feelings of wealth once or twice a day (or more often) every single day - even if it seems like it's not working. It will work first on a vibrational level, then physical.

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